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The Aculaser Institute specialises in low to moderate level laser therapy which is a safe drugless effective therapy and applies this in a unique form called the Aculaser Therapy that brings about reconstruction, rejuvenation and restoration of the body without any side-effects. This was researched and developed at the Institute by its founders. It also specialises in Autonomic NeuroAcupuncture Therapy which restores the function of the Autonomic Nervous System and thereby the function of various organs and systems of the body rapidly and efficiently.

The Institute’s primary purpose and speciality is the treatment and management of diseases, ailments and conditions/disorders that have not and are not responding to conventional medical therapy. In it’s strive to serve the suffering humanity the Institute has been able to close the gap and difference between Alternative Healthcare Therapy and conventional Medicine. It is the Institute's aim to bring about a clear understanding that there is the science of healthcare and the application of that science which in essence is the art of healthcare. It is this  art of healthcare that is the delineating distinction about what is Alternative therapy and Conventional therapy.

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and the most technological advanced centre in the region. The central location of the Institute's headquarters allows the Institute to provide sophisticated and specialised services to the needy, desperate and otherwise unfortunate people. This fulfils one of the Institute’s principles of Humanitarian Service. It is the Institute's view that Laser Therapy will become an integral part of healthcare in decades to come and indeed in this century. The Institute is very proud to be at the forefront of this approach as its pioneer.

The research department of Aculaser Institute is a dynamic sector, which is in constant touch with new emerging technologies and research around the globe. This enables the Institute at all times to avail to its Patients the latest and highest quality of healthcare.  The Institute continuously carries out clinical research in the efficacy of Aculaser Therapy and NeuroAcupuncture in treatment and management of acute and chronic conditions that have had an unsatisfactory response to conventional medical and other therapies.

The Institute carries out in-house training sessions with fellow medical colleagues in sexual dysfunction, obesity & related conditions, infertility/gynaecology & paediatrics,  radiology & haematology, oncology, cardiology, respiratology, gastroenterology, musculo-skeletal disorders, and others.


Prof. Dr. Capt. Karim Mohamed

Chief Consultant & Pilot.
Carries out consultations within the Institute and in not easily accessible areas of East Africa through the Institute's Flying Unit Service.

Prof. Dr. Amin Mohamed

Chief Interventional Physician.
Overall Head. Provides guidance & leadership, oversees daily running of the Institute & provides quality assurance for doctors and staff.

Prof. Dr. Karima Meghji

Senior Consulting Specialist.
Top specialist at the Institute.

Carries out consultations and treatment at the Institute.

Rn. Nahid Mohamed

Senior Matron

Responsible for Administration and Staff Management.


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Nothing matters more than to see our patients on the road to being healed. At the Aculaser Institute, we believe that patients deserve the best that healthcare has to offer. Our belief drives everything we do. It defines our vision for the future and our mission for today.


For its excellence and quality, the Aculaser Institute was internationally recognised and awarded the

ARCH OF EUROPE AWARD in Paris, France. The Aculaser Institute is a registered Healthcare Institute in Kenya and patented in Kenya and the

United Kingdom.